Mammut Airbag 3.0 Trigger Test Tool

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In case of dangerous situations, an avalanche airbag must be deployed quickly and reliable. You can use the Airbag 3.0 Trigger Test Tool to deploy your airbag without using up a cartridge. The tool lets you familiaize yourself with the airbag system and practice deployment. Sinply screw the tool all the way into the deployment mechanism, put on the backpack, and pull the deployment handle. A clear "snapping" sound indicates sucessful deployment.

Article Nr: 2610-01620


Characteristics / Features


Training with an avalanche airbag is essential in order to become familiar with the system and to be able to act quickly and intuitively in an emergency. It is particularly important to feel how strongly you need to pull on the deployment handle. The trigger test tool allows you to carry out deployments without a pressure cartridge to avoid having to continuously fold up the backpack.

We recommend at least one test deployment at the start of the winter season.
A free trigger test tool is supplied with each avalanche airbag.

Using the trigger test tool

1. Screw the trigger test tool all the way into the deployment mechanism.
2. Put the backpack on. To make the deployment as realistic as possible, we recommend wearing your skiing clothes. Deploying the airbag while wearing gloves is particularly good practice.
3. Deploy the avalanche airbag.
4. Unscrew the trigger test tool from the deployment mechanism.

The trigger test tool can be ordered separately here.

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