Mammut Blackfin Pro High WP

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Grippy, warm and robust winter boot for hiking, snowshoeing or tobogganing. In contrast to the Blackfin High WP, this boot features Nubuk leather with classic lacing. High-quality Nubuk leather, robust RipStop polyamide and reinforcements made from smooth waxed leather, water-resistant, microporous PU membrane, warm Thinsulate Ultra Insulation, fleece lining, reflectors and a grippy vibram Cristal sole with metal particles guarantee high comfort and safety in cold conditions, snow and ice.

Article Nr: 3020-03940
Weight for UK size 8.5 per shoe [g]: 779 
Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown


Characteristics / Features

Insulation: -25   °C
Flex index: A6   
Last index: Hiking   
Weight for UK size 8.5 per shoe [g]: 779   
  • The WaterProof construction of Mammut granted waterproofness, breathability and durability. As a result, the feet remain dry and pleasantly air-conditioned. All seams on the inside membrane socks are tape welded.
  • Sole technology for optimal traction in the winter terrain Special rubber mixture for the winterIntegrated metal particles provide for additional adhesion on ice
  • Lining with aluminum insulation
  • Board lasted


  • Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown

    WaterProof Construction

    Water resistance through the microporous PU membraneAll seams are taped

  • Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown

    Meteorite Rubber

    Sole technology for optimal traction in the winter terrain Special rubber mixture for the winterIntegrated metal particles provide for additional adhesion on ice

  • Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown

    Thinsulate Ultra

    Synthetic wadding with good heat/weight ratioMade from 100% PES (= Polyester)

  • Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown

    Calf Sports Leather

    Durable grained leather with fine, even finish


Material Leather

  • Nubuk Leather

    Classy and robust full-grain leather with slight sanding to create the characteristic velvet appearance. Depending on the required finish, Nubuk can be waxed, brushed or left untreated.

Soles :

  • Blackfin Pro High WP.bark-dark brown

    vibram Cristal Sole

    Aggressive lug concept specifically designed for snow and ice activitiesSpecial winter-specific rubber formula with integrated metal particles (Meteorite Rubber)

Care Instructions

Shoes must be protected from water, wet conditions and dirt. Since wet conditions and dirt affect leather's natural properties, such as temperature control and comfort, shoe care is a very important area.


  • Use a brush to remove any dirt, or brush the shoe under running water to remove persistent soiling
  • Leather cleaning products are not recommended since the soap damages the waterproofing treatment
  • After cleaning the shoes, rub in the appropriate wax or silicone-based care products or polish them using a soft brush
  • Dry leather needs nutrients in the form of wax (no grease or oil). Apply a very thin layer and then work into the leather
  • The application of wax makes nubuk or velours leather appear darker and smoother. Liquid care products maintain the leather's original appearance for longer, but provide fewer nutrients
  • The best way to clean the lining (textile, GORE-TEX® and leather) is using lots of cold water and a sponge. The lining retains high quantities of salt from perspiration. In the long term, these can have a damaging effect on textiles and leather lining materials.


  • A waterproofing treatment should be applied regularly to footwear. We recommend sprays without fluorcarbone, the surrounding says thank you!
  • Waterproofing treatments work best when applied immediately after cleaning, once the shoe is completely dry. To ensure maximum performance, we recommended reapplying a waterproofing treatment the day before a tour.
  • Waterproofing is important to keep your feet dry. Leather or textiles saturated with dirt and water are no longer able to breathe, resulting in increased perspiration.
  • To achieve optimal resistance to water and dirt, the waterproofing treatment should be applied to clean and dry leather. Clean the shoes first.
  • The waterproofing treatment can be applied as soon as the leather is completely dry.
  • Spray the shoes thoroughly in a well-ventilated room or in the open air, using slow and even movements, from a distance of around 20 cm.
  • Wait until the shoes are completely dry before wearing them. 100 percent protection will be achieved after around 24 hours.


If leather is not cared for regularly, it becomes hard and brittle and its appearance suffers. Shoe care is important to prevent this. This makes the leather pliant, flexible and keeps it looking good. Regular care also prevents the appearance of small cracks.

  • Remove shoelaces and insoles.
  • Carefully remove dirt from the shoes using a brush. For persistent soiling, you can also brush the shoes under running water. Do not use any cleaning products. Soap damages leather.
  • Stuff cleaned leather shoes with newspaper, and change the newspaper regularly. This helps them to dry faster. (N.B. GORE TEX-lined shoes dry better without any newspaper inside them)
  • Wait until the leather is completely dry, before treating them.

Freshening up

Our feet can be encased in our shoes for up to 16 hours during long hikes, bicycle tours or a long working day. Sweat accumulates in socks and shoes. The comforting warmth of this enclosed damp environment creates the ideal breeding ground for germs. Regular application of freshening products helps to keep the inside of your shoes fresh and clean.


If stored properly, a shoe retains its shape and function for a longer period. Never store shoes when they are wet or dirty. This makes the leather brittle.

  • After wearing, store shoes with tongues fully open and insoles removed in a shady, dry and well-ventilated area
  • Shoe trees should always be placed in dry shoes before storage
  • Never store shoes when they are wet, or in poorly ventilated places, such as in a car, a plastic bag or a cellar
  • Do not dry near a source of heat (fire, hot stove, etc.)
  • Shoes with leather linings can be stuffed with newspaper. Shoes with a GORE-TEX lining dry faster without any newspaper inside

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