Mammut Light Pump Mat UL

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Can be inflated in less than one minute thanks to the improved hand pump and even lighter due to new materials.

Article Nr: 2420-00273
Packing dimensions: 19x12 cm
Height: 7.5 cm
Width: 52 cm
Length: 185 cm
Total weight without stuff bag: 580 g
Ideal For:
  • Mountain Hiking
Suitable For:
  • Basecamp


Characteristics / Features

Insulation (R value): 4.1   
Cut: Alpine   
Packing dimensions: 19x12   cm
Application area: Winter   
Height: 7.5   cm
Width: 52   cm
Length: 185   cm
Total weight without stuff bag: 580   g
  • Body Mapping Technology optimizes insulation according to the different areas of the body
  • New large valves enable rapid inflation and packing of the mat
  • Newly developed hand pump in the foot section enables extremely rapid inflation
  • Proven PU foam for insulation in the mat provides protection from the cold and can be compressed for easy packing
  • New squareTX™ outer fabric: robust, non-slip and extremely light


Main Fabric

  • squareTX™ UL

    Slip-resistant, ultralight ripstop 30D.

    Outer Material: Polyester 100 %

  • enduranceTX™ 4

    Robust and lightweight mat fabric.

    Outer Material: Polyester 100 %


  • PU Foam


How can I find the right mat?

The different mats are not only designed for comfort, they prevent heat from being lost from the body to the ground and provide insulation against the cold. When buying a mat, you need to decide how much comfort you feel is important, how much space you have in your backpack, whether weight is important and what temperatures you are expecting during your tour.

Mammut offers two different types of high-quality and functional mats to provide the optimal response to each individual's circumstances and needs.

Iso mats

Our super light foam (PE foam material) iso mats set a new benchmark for weight. Our foam material is three to four times lighter than conventional EVA foam. Iso mats are not compressible, but are also not susceptible to defects.

Self-inflating mats

When the valve is opened, these mats automatically fill with air up to a certain point. The thickness and hardness can be regulated by additional manual inflation, ensuring optimal adjustment to the body. They provide excellent insulation, are water resistant and easily stowed away. However, the more comfortable the mat, the higher the packing volume and weight. They are more sensitive than foam mats, however any holes can be repaired quickly and easily on the spot.

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